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1. All players should wear matching uniform shirts.

2. No metal cleats are allowed. Rubber cleats are permitted.

3. Base lengths are 65 feet.

4. Games are scheduled for 7 innings.

5. League officials may cancel the game due to inclement weather up to two hours prior to the scheduled start of the game.
Team captains will be notified of any cancellations. If no call is made by the designated times then the teams should show up at the field by game time.

6. There is no grace period.  If a team has the required minimum number of players the game should start at the scheduled time.

7. A team may field up to ten (10) players in whatever positions they desire (e.g. Outfielders, Short, Center, etc.)

8. At least (8) eight players on a team are required or else the game will be forfeited. No mandatory out is in effect for the missing 9th or 10th player. However, there is a mandatory out if the number of players in the lineup is reduced after the start of the game. An $80 forfeit fee is in effect. A team will lose their fee if they forfeit a game.

9. If a team has only 8 players, they may, if the other team agrees, borrow a player from the other team for catching only. (No defensive plays or batting)

10. Every player on the team should play at least two (2) innings of every game and come to bat at least once. The only exception to this rule is the position of “Extra Player” who does not have to take the field but must bat at least once.

11. League pitching is “slow pitch” with a high arc between 6 and 10 feet at the arc. No windmill pitching is allowed. The pitcher does not have to be in contact with the pitchers plate during the delivery of the pitch, however, the pitcher may not begin their pitch in front of the pitching rubber but may either be in contact with the rubber or begin approximately 5′ behind the rubber, not to exceed 50′ from home plate.

12. The batter starts with a 1 – 1 count. If the batter fouls on the third strike, they are  permitted one more foul before the batter is called out.

13. The use of multi-walled, z-core, c-core and composite bats is prohibited. As per ASA rule, a batter found using a banned bat will be called out and disqualified from the game and if in a tournament, may be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

14. No pinch hitter.

15. No bunting or stealing is permitted.

16. A lead from any base may only be taken after the ball is hit or the ball has crossed home plate.

17. The Infield Fly rule applies. ( When the umpire calls an infield fly, the batter is automatically out and the runners may advance at their own risk. )

18. Any base runner may ‘Tag-up’ on a caught fly ball.

19. Substitute runners are only allowed due to medical restrictions or injuries. These substitutions will be called injury runners and must be declared at ground rules. When a player is declared an injury runner, she must remain an injury runner for the duration of the game. Injuries occurring during the game can be declared at that time. The substitute runner must be the player who has made the last out. An injury runner can run more than once in an inning if they are the last out.  The original batter must attain at least one base before the substitute is allowed to run. There are no “courtesy runners” or “pinch runners”. There is no limit to the number of declared injury runners.

20. Free substitution rule is in effect allowing players taken out of the game to return to the game. Any player returning to the game must bat in the original batting order.

21. A game called by the umpire shall be regulation if five or more complete innings have been played, or if the team second at bat has scored more runs in four or more innings than the other team has scored in five or more innings. Games that are not considered regulation shall be resumed at the exact point where they were stopped.

22. The fifteen (15) run ‘Mercy Rule’ is in effect. Any game may be called if any team is winning by fifteen (15) or more runs after the completion of 41/2 innings

23. Lightning Rule: when lightning appears the game will be stopped and will not resume until 30 minutes after the last reported lightning in the area.
This is the umpires discretion.

24. If a player is ejected from the game by the umpire for any reason, the league will impose a one game suspension on that player.

25. There shall be no independent rescheduling of games by agreement between team captains. Changes will only be made by decision of the league board.

26. If there is a tie for first place, seeding will be determined first by Head to Head, then a play-off game. If there is a tie between any other place, seeding will be determined first by Head to Head, then total runs scored against each other, then a coin toss.

27. There should be no alcohol consumed by players during their games and absolutely no alcohol on the bench. Alcohol needs to be kept out of the field of play and out of the bench area, and out of the area covered inside the grounds rules prior to the start of the game.

28. Final interpretation of all league rules is the sole responsibility of the umpires.

NOTE: ASA Softball has changed its name to USA Softball(in 2017). This change was done at the national level.


Last update 6/29/2017